Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Log Cabins - a FREE ebook from Fons and Porter

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas holiday.  Mine, was very quiet,  which was very different for me.  We as a family, celebrated our Christmas several weeks ago, before we packed up and headed south from cold, windy, snowy Michigan to our balmy winter home in Florida.  

Several weeks ago, I was contacted by Eric from Fons and Porter's Online Media group asking if I would be interested in reviewing an ebook from Fons and Porter.  Of course I would!  Who doesn't love log cabin quilts?  And an ebook put together by some of our favorite quilt makers, Fons and Porter, available as a download so that I can have it NOW, and -the perfect price, FREE.

This 24 page book is chuck full of  patterns and ideas.  It even has some great tips on binding using a photo tutorial.  If you are one of those people who learn best be seeing a picture, you will love this binding tutorial!

From traditional log cabin settings to some great new setting ideas including a walk "on the dark side", there is something for every quilt maker.

I do not yet have my sewing studio set up in my tiny winter home in Florida, but you can bet that reading this book, savoring each and every pattern and tutorial really got me in mood to sew.  That project will be next on my list!  

Follow this link Build Your Best Log Cabin, and get your copy today!