Friday, January 21, 2011

Sunshine, blue skies and a leaky iron!

Yesterday afternoon, I added water to my Rowenta iron, plugged it in and turned it on. A short time later, I turned to see the entire contents of the water reservoir in a huge puddle on my ironing board. Now, this iron was expensive and it is relatively new! Not only is it new, but it is a replacement iron for another Rowenta iron that I got as a replacement for another Rowenta iron that I purchased about 2 years ago. That's right - three Rowenta irons in less than two years. I packed the iron back up and because it was a beautiful, sun shinny day, took it back to Bed, Bath and Beyond where I got it. The manager there was soooooo nice. We looked at every iron in the place plus the ones that were available online. Nothing looked like it would hold up any better and I was not really thrilled about another Rowenta iron.

Now I know that lots and lots of people love their Rowenta irons. Me? Not so much. Mr. Manager of the Bed, Bath and Beyond store wanted to make sure that I was a happy customer so he refunded my money so that I could go elsewhere to purchase an iron.

My choice? The Oliso Smart Iron. And, it was even on sale. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that this one lasts at least a year.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Is it Spring yet?

When the weather man gives a 7-day forecast that shows 7 straight days of mostly cloudy days with "measurable snow" each of those days, you must be in Michigan.

I've long thought that I must suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder) from lack of sunshine in the winter. And here we are again - mid-January and I want it to be SPRING!

I have attempted many ways over the years to treat my Winter Cabin Fever. One year I bought soil, little peat pots and tomato plant SEEDS. I just needed to see something green growing! Within a few short weeks I certainly had green. Unfortunately, before the ground outside was warm enough to put out these 100 tomato plants, they were tomato trees and taking up every available window space in the whole house. All in all, it wasn't a good idea.

Other years I have headed south to get in a little sun. Last year, a month is sunny Florida in March with my Mom turned into a month in cloudy COLD Florida.

This year we are still dealing with fairly regular appointments with my orthopedic surgeon, so being a Snow Bird this year is not going to work.

Guess I need to dig out that full-spectrum Ott light in my sewing room and see if I can fool myself into thinking the sun is out.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Candy Kisses

I'm feeling a bit more like sewing and am able to tolerate having my ankle hanging down for longer periods of time. So, today I started working on my UFO list. My real boost to get some sewing done came from my 9 year-old granddaughter who has been sewing up a storm. She called me to find out if she could get "some of that fuzzy stuff that you put in the middle" of a quilt. A new generation of quilters has been born!

Now I know that a quilt is not a quilt until it's quilted, but I am not quite ready to be standing at my quilting machine and frame yet. Until I am, I will just keep sewing quilt tops! Today I finished a cute little throw from 10- Minute Blocks
by Suzanne McNeill.

Suzanne even has a YouTube video that shows how to make these blocks. They truly do take only about 10 minutes to make!

The fact that I had a pretty pink and cream Layer Cake from Moda's Candy Kisses line made it even more fun! Fast and fun - a good way to work my way back to sewing on a fairly regular basis.

Tomorrow I hope to get started on a huge pile of pillowcases!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Recycled Sweater Mittens

I officially have the bug, the Mittens From Sweaters bug. Thanks to my quilting friends Judy and Brenda, I'm back in my sewing room and I have made my first pair of polar fleece lined mittens from an old sweater. I found the pattern and some vague directions on the web. Then, Judy and Brenda came by and gave me some hands on directions for putting the pieces together. It was fun, easy and the mittens are great!
Now I just need to find a few more old wool sweaters!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! I start off the year 2011 with my first pair of shoes since my ankle fusion in September. The Dr has given me permission to start taking some steps in my new rocker soled Sketchers.
Not only are they unbelievably ugly but, for someone with balance issues, really hard to walk in! Something new to learn on this adventure. Perhaps this is one stip closer to breaking free of the recliner chair that has been holding me hostage for months now!

Hoping 2011 is happy and healthy for everyone! I'm hoping to be wheelchair, walker and cane free by summer!