Tuesday, September 29, 2009

American Girl Dolls

Now that my eldest granddaughter is the proud owner of a "real" American Girl doll, it's time for this grandma to get back to sewing doll clothes! I found two really great books that include patterns so that I can get started. I also decided that I needed an American Girl doll of my own so that I can make sure that the clothes that I make will fit.
I found a "gently played with" Samantha doll on ebay for a reasonable price. She has arrived and is really a nice doll. She doesn't stand alone so could use a re-stringing, but I have too many irons in the fire to attempt that now. I still have a few doll stands from my earlier days doing doll repair, so they will work for now.

I also found a doll on ebay that was advertised as a "Real American 18" Girl". Please note - this is NOT an American Girl doll. It isn't even a good quality knock off. I realize that I was wrong to think that this was an American Girl doll, but the posting was written specifically to mislead people. She is a pretty little blonde and I should be able to use her for sizing some clothes. I suspect she will be used in the toybox at Grandma and Grandpa's house. :-(


  1. My granddaughters have American girl dolls and I made them a few items of clothing. I am interested in what books you found that you like? When my daughter was small I made clothes for these dolls for a doll shop, but when we moved the patterns didn't move with us. Some were my own patterns, so I am sad about that.

  2. Pam - My nieces sew American Girl doll clothes for their shop and recommend any of the books by Joan Hinds.

    So, I picked up several and they look great. I haven't done much with them yet but I have big plans! :-) "Sew Today's Fashions for 18-Inch Dolls: Full-Size Patterns for Clothing and Accessories" (Paperback)
    by Joan Hinds