Saturday, April 10, 2010

A trip "up north"

We made the trip "up north" to be there when they opened the grave for my dear MIL. The use of May Houses to store bodies awaiting burial until the frozen ground melts enough to dig a grave is a necessary evil. We stood in a wet snow storm to see Mom to her final resting place. Rest In Peace Mom Wills.

A trip "up north" also always means a trip to my niece's quilt shop! Jenny and Janelle are the proprietors of Two Sisters Quilting in Bear Lake. This little shop is a glorious place to visit! And, even though I have enough fabric and enough quilt "kits" on my own shelves to last me a very long time, I could not resist signing up as a member of their Civil War Tribute Quilt Block Of The Month group.

Judie Rothermel & Marcus Fabrics created this Civil War Tribute in anticipation of the 150 year commemoration of the US Civil War in 2011. Marcus Fabrics is partnering with Homestead Hearth Quilt Shop to create a special project to use these reproduction fabrics. Each of the blocks in this quilt represent a significant battle of the Civil War.

The blocks are full of pointy stars, large and small. This quilt will, no doubt be a challenge to complete! The first three months were ready when I visited the shop, so those three blocks came home with me. We will make another trip "north" when the next block is ready.

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