Sunday, September 4, 2016

New Quilters - New Block Names

With each new generation of quilter, we see all of the old, old blocks or slight variation of the blocks with brand new names!  It's often said that there are only just so many ways to arrange squares abd triangles, etc to form a block.

Several years ago the quilting world was all agog over a quilt block called "Swoon".  Now, I'm pretty sure that the term Swoon was not used 100+ years ago.  So, if you look at the block, it is a variation of those blocks we know as Carpenter's Wheel or Bethlehem Star among others.

So, Indecided to try my hand at the Swoon block.  69 pieces in one block!  Thankfully the blocks are for the most part large (12-24 inches).  My block worked out to be 16 inches and I will make more once my other quilting and sewing demands have been met.  I probably shouldn't even have spent the day doing this one block with all of the sewing that I "need" to do before the holiday craft fairs begin.

Here she is, in Civil War Reproduction fabric, my first Swoon.  I must admit it's kind of pretty but I'm not sure I'm "swooning".

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  1. What a beautiful quilt square! I hope you finished this one, it's my favorite pattern. We will be visiting Ionia next month (May 2017) and I plan to visit your shop. Hope you are still open.