Friday, May 1, 2009

Another bag finish

Another bag is finished.

The bag is pretty, bigger than I expected to be and most of all DONE!

This was the bag from #$%^ The pattern itself - not for the faint of heart - and definitely not a "first bag" had no pictures or diagrams, only text to explain what needed to be done for each step.

Now, I've been sewing for 40 years, quilting for 20 and making bags for a couple of years and this one was awful! The company really needs to do something about the directions for this pattern!

Also - the pattern specifically called for each piece to be basted to lightweight cotton batting. I used the lightest bat they make and there were times I was sewing thru 8 thicknesses of "stuff".

Before I make this one again, (and I'm sure I will) I'll be rewritting the directions and deciding what does and does not have to be padded! Whew! My shoulders, wrists and hands will need a day or two to recover.

Have a great day

Beth (in rainy Michigan)


  1. Is that an inside and outside bag? I just recently completed a bag and have nothing good to say about the designer and how she wrote the pattern. I made another one after the first tester, and constucted it a different way. There were no pictures or diagrams either in that pattern. I know your frustration.

  2. OH How I agree. I just finished one and I did it over about 5 times until I finally said, this is it! no more!Directions were not clear, and some parts were left totally up to the sewer. Yours looks much simpler, mine had a zipper! It all works but now I am thinking "wow it is pretty and right in style, black and white and colors, but never again"!