Friday, May 1, 2009

Hand Piecing a Trip Around the World

One of my "stashbuster" friends was looking for some easy hand piecing to do while away for a few days.

Several years ago, I went home to live with my parents to be a private duty nurse for my dad during his last few weeks. I took with me a box of squares, all cut from Christmas fabric. I also took just a few needles, several pins, a spool of white thread and these fabulous directions on "Concentric Piecing".

It is believed that the pioneer women pieced the Trip Around The World in circles around the center piece, rather than in strips as often done now. Here is the link for the directions to do the piecing. I do not know who the person is that posted these directions in her Webshots album, but she is a genius!

I did finish that quilt top before my Dad died. It did take me a few months to be able to put it on the frame to quilt it, but I did - it's done - and one of my most precious quilts! Here is a picture of that quilt.


  1. Hey! I'm the gal who published those photos. So nice to see that you made use of them!!! It's funny, I am cleaning out my quilt patterns and reading over some old directions I posted. I had coined the term concentric piecing, but it always seemed a bit cumbersome to me. So now, years later, I thought I would Google it to see if it happened to catch on at all. And I found you!

    Becky Phillips
    Crystal River, FL

    1. Becky, I'd dearly love to find the photos you posted to show my quilting friends here at my Winter home in Vero Beach, FL. Do you still have them? I think Incould probably do it without the photos but your photos were so good! Thanks