Monday, June 29, 2009

Learning to use my serger AND "Going Green"

I think I have mastered the rolled hem stitch on my serger. I have finished 4 dozen cloth dinner napkins. They are so pretty! I used fabric from my stash and now have a whole basket full of the cutest napkins. This SHOULD cut down on the amount of money we spend on paper towels and paper napkins.

I have had a request to clarify the way I made my napkins. They are single thickness. I cut a variety of novelty fabrics and some orphan fat quarters to 14" square. Some of the fabrics were not big enough to do 14" so are a bit smaller.

I hemmed all 4 sides with the rolled hem stitch on my serger. This was really good practice for me becoming comfortable with what I needed to do to set up the stitch as well as changing threads.

Then, I put a dab of fray check on each corner and threw them in the washer. I wanted to see how they would wash and dry as I do NOT intend to iron these things!

They probably are not show stoppers, but they are fun and should work!


  1. How about a picture? Are they double thickness? I want to use the hemming foot for my machine, but it (or I) doesn't work quite right...did you use yours?

  2. Sure - here is a pic :-)
    Single thickness - I used the rolled hem foot on my serger. They are not showstoppers - but they work!

  3. I don't have a serger but have made these for years just by rolling the edge and doing a zig-zag stitch. I use to make holiday ones for the table but after so many years we use them as everyday in place of paper towels. I have some that are at least 15 yrs old.

  4. Way to go I think I will have to pull out my serger for a little bit of practice for napkins