Saturday, May 7, 2011

Unsewing, ripping, etc.

I'm still working on my Spring Magic quilt. Ripping the borders off. I did go with one of the greens from the collections and while the green is perfect for sashing between the vertical rows, it does NOT work as an outside border before a wider floral border. That doesn't sound like it makes sense and it doesn't look any better. I am pretty sure that if I can still look at this quilt top after I take of all 8 borders, I will replace the narrow border with white before I reattach the floral focus border. I am bound and determined that this will not turn into a UFO, stashed away in a drawer or garbage bag somewhere!

While contemplating what to do about the borders on my Spring Magic project, I started strip-piecing the strips for the Moda Bakeshop "Picnic Quilt". I just happen to have 4 Avignon jelly rolls so adding the white was an easy decision. I still have 3 jelly rolls of this group left for other projects! I'm going to try very hard not to drop the Spring Magic quilt to work on this cute little quilt.

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    I bookmarked your blog. Looking forward to reading all of the post.

    As to borders I usually go darker. If I an not sure I go to HOME DEPOT / LOWES paint department with fabric from the quilt and use their paint computer to scan and find which colors looks best. The guys at the counter know me by now and know I am playing with their computers for quilting not painting.

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