Friday, June 24, 2011

Help Me! I need to design a baby quilt inspired by this painting

Fellow quilters! I need your help! I am, for the most part, a traditional quilter and I love Civil War prints, 30's reproductions prints and traditional quilt blocks etc. I am not an "art quilter".

I have been asked, by a very dear niece of mine, to make a quilt for her new baby based on this painting. The painting was done by her husband's little sister Gracie, shortly before Gracie died of a brain tumor at age 8. The plan is to use the painting as a focal point in the nursery.

The colors of the painting are most important and I think I can do that with some beautiful hand-dyed batiks. The flowers I can bring into the quilt with the quilting. What in the heck am I going to use for a design for the quilt top itself. Please help me. If you have any ideas, please let me know.


  1. What about a fence and rail quilt using the red, purple and green and appliqueing some flowers on in the fun colors? I love the sentiment. This will be quite a special quilt.

  2. I would keep it simple and child like by making a strip set from the green and purple, stitch in rows to the orange. Make the orange strips wide, and the green and purple ones 1.5" each? Once you have it stitched together, applique the flowers on. You can make the strip sets a bit wonky/wavy if you wanted to, will look very artsy =)

    I would quilt it with free motion daisies and quilt Gracie's name into the piece.

    Hope you will share a pic of the quilt.

  3. I would stitch fabric strips in the orange/red (5"?), periwinkle and green (1.5"?). Then I would do raw edge applique flowers in appropriate colors to match the painting. I might not border the quilt. That I would wait on until the main part was done.

  4. YOU could duplicate the design into the quilt using applique / thread painting to mimic some of the drawing.... faux trupunto by adding extra batting to the underside of the stripes.. I tack using washable thread or elmer's washable glue. The flowers could be machine applique using Beth Ferriers invisible applique or just zigzag round the motif.

    There would be so much love in this quilt however it comes out will be loved because you pour your love into it.

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