Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Back in business

As I look out my window this morning while drinking my morning coffee, I see it is snowing, again - or still - or what ever. It's only the second day of winter and I am fed up with it. I am going to try really, really hard not to start worrying about the Christmas travelers. I need to "let go and let God".

Yesterday, I really tried to get on with some sewing, knowing that my Brother ULT was sick. And, the main problem was that here it was, the 22nd of December and the two youngest grandbabies still did not have Christmas stockings!

I have ordered a new needle plate but, being the holiday season, I am sure that it will take days and days for that to come. So, I got out all of my trusty little tools and took my beloved ULT apart. I had reviewed Ann's ULT fix-it page so I felt pretty ready to go at the old gal and see if I could find any obvious problems.

I found gobs of lint and a fair number of thread pieces which I removed with a pair of tweezers. I worked diligently to buff out the burrs on the needle plate with a piece of emery cloth. And I am back in business! I am sure that things will be much better with the new needle plate, but for now - this works. So, I got busy with the stockings. And, I have them done.

Of course, now that I have them done, I notice that the Christmas motif on Elise's stocking is upside down. [sigh] Looks like hers will have to be redone. But, that will be a project to be done before next Christmas!

I am also just about done with my quilt using the Sophia line of fabric from my shop, Ionia Quilt Works. The fabrics are beautiful. I am using the wildly popular pattern, Take 5. But, I have increased the size of the quilt to queen size. Once the quilt is complete and all of the appropriate pictures have been taken for the shop's webpage, I will put the quilt in my Etsy shop. Time to get busy! Everyone stay safe and warm!

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