Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New kits !

It's snowing and blowing AGAIN! It's only mid-December and I have had ENOUGH! When I was I child, I liked snow. As a young adult, I tolerated snow. Now - I HATE snow. And, after spending my whole life in Michigan, snow should NOT be a surprise each and every year. :-)

After spending all weekend , and parts of last week; finishing up a very special Christmas gift (I'll post pictures after Christmas) :-) I finally got some new kits cut for the shop. I am so excited about using the wildly popular "Take 5" and "Take 5 Gets The Point" patterns from The Teacher's Pet for some new kits. The kits cut from the Sophia pattern line are going to be beautiful! And, the quilts cut from the Heirloom Garden line will be fabulous. Who will be the proud owner of my lone quilt kit cut from Hoffman's "Beep Beep" line? I may just have to make that one up myself!

Hopefully, tomorrow I'll have time to cut some kits from the Pink Ribbon collection. Stay warm and stay safe!

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