Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hidden Wells Fun

A group of online quilters have decided to tackle the Hidden Wells quilt pattern.  I could not resist!
After pulling a stack of fabrics from my stash, determining the size blocks I wanted to cut from each strip set, i started to sew.  I made just one full strip set and cut it up for the blocks to see how the fabrics I selected would work.  I am quite happy with the results so I will continue to make strip sets and cut into blocks.


  1. I love your selection of colours. What size will your quilt be? How do you determine how many strips of each colour you will need?

    Sorry for all the questions but I NEED to make one of these.....


  2. Hi Jocelyne, my strip sets measure 10 inches. This means that I will cut the strip sets into 10" chunks to get squares. Once made up, each block is 9 1/2 inches so it will measure as many blocks as I make. :-). Odd numbers of fabrics in a strip set look best. You can use 5 or 7 or however mant you like. Go to this link to learn how to make this quilt.

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  4. What a clever way to store the strips so that they are handy-by, on a clothes rack! Your blocks and colors are quite lovely.

  5. Your chosen fabrics are going to make a beautiful quilt. I love this pattern and it's definitely on my To-Do List.