Saturday, September 22, 2012

Orca Bay Progress

I can't believe that I am still working on this quilt top.  I started this Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt called Orca Bay a year ago.  Once we started putting the billions of pieces together, I realized how much I HATED the fabric colors that I had selected for the project.  The quilt as a whole is gorgeous - the way it was designed in blues, whites and black.  My selection of red, green and gold - not so much.

I have given myself permission at least 4 times to THROW THIS THING IN THE GARBAGE.  I have plucked it out each time because I have an unbelievable amount of time in this thing.  Cost?  It's all done from my scraps, so I'm not out much, but the time I have invested.......

So, I keep working on it.  As of today - I have completed to the borders.  My next step is to start piecing the border and then get it on the frame to be quilted.  At this time, I have decided that I WILL finish it.  I'm not sure what I'll do with it once it's finished but I WILL finish it!


  1. Well, you're durned near FINISHED aren't ya?!
    I am trying to finish MINE before the NEXT mystery ;c) haha. . and the LAST two mysteries. . the ones after Carolina Christmas, are still UFOs. . so I said. . no NO. . NOT this time! I have been working on it as a leader-ender for the past year. . and have a week or so right now to work on it. . I have the HSTs and QSTs finished. . now I'm about half way through the RED strings. . WOW . . so much work!! I'm happy you didn't give up on yours!

  2. It reminds me of some tiles that I've seen. Good luck with finishing it up...your getting closer!

  3. "you're" getting closer! "I'm" getting tired and can't seem to spell. lol.

  4. i like your chice of colors! if you are tired of it, just put a solid border on and be done with it

  5. It's lovely! No one would guess you picked it and plucked it - they will all just be amazed at how lovely it is.

    AND, you are way ahead of me. Mine is still just Blocks in a Box. SIGH.