Saturday, September 22, 2012

Making Friends with the embroidery module of my machine

I needed to work on a project that would require me to use the embroidery module of my Babylock Ellisimo.  At one time, I did a LOT of machine embroidery, but not so much lately.  Quilting and piecing quilt tops seems to take much of my time.   But, I had an image in my head after watching an episode of Fons and Porter on TV.  One of my little granddaughters needed a little quilt for naps in pre-school.  Yes, she could have used a little fleece blanket or a little rug or.... but the rest of my grandchildren all have little quits with their names on them for this purpose.  So, after traipsing all over the place to find "Care Bear" fabric,  (special request) and making an additional trip into Grand Rapids to get some hand-holding from my Babylock machine dealer, I have finally completed the little quilt!  I have to admit that I had some real mental blocks getting those 5 letters to line up the way I wanted them.  They are not perfect, but good enough. The body of the quilt is based on Eleanor Burns' Quick Trip Quilts

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